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Posted on Oct 6, 2013 by in Devir | 0 comments

desobedienciaBolo’bolo is a collectively run anarchist infoshop, coffee house and alternative social space in somewhere in the imagination and space.

The shop stocks a wide range of relevant, hard to obtain literature, with a focus on anarchism and other forms of radical politics, grassroots environmentalism, animal rights, veganism, LGBTQIA issues, counterculture, cutting-edge philosophy, black consciousness and more. Publications include imported books and magazines as well as a range of self-produced materials (booklets/zines, newsletters, print on demand books, etc.). Apart from these, we sell badges, t-shirts, stickers, posters and other related paraphernalia.

The shop also serves 100% vegan baked goods, coffees, teas and assorted drinks.

Finally, the shop acts as a venue for events. These include documentary and art film screenings, an anarchist reading group, talks, open discussions, listening evenings, the anarchist free skool (coming soon!), and any other event aligned with our ethos. For upcoming events, check out our calendar.

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